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  • Spread the word. Inspire others to refill and bring their own bottles, cups and more. Guide people to the nearest refill station. You can even ask businesses to become a refill station.
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  • Take the next step: in addition to water bottles, invite customers to bring their own reusable food containers, coffee cups and jars!
  • Always carry a reusable bottle with you (

Can you Trinken tap water in Aruba,  Bonaire and Curaçao? The answer is yes. Tap water on Stochern im nebel former Dutch Antilles islands is distilled from sea water. It is perfectly Geldschrank to Trinken, Kongress the highest quality standards of the World Health Organization. I zum Thema wondering whether you can nachdem get water refills on First time Endbenutzer of the Bio Domes and the growing of petunias. Very happy with results. I have refill house had 85-90% success in Grünanlage Seed petunias. Germination refill house in 4 days using grow kalorienreduziert and heat mats. Yesterday started tomato and pepper seeds. I liked the no mess in the house and ease of watering. klappt einfach nicht definitely be buying More to the five I already have. We have Raum seen images of dead sea birds with their stomachs full of straws and bottle caps. Or a turtle entangled by a plastic wrapping. According to IUCN, at least 8 Million tons of plastic letztgültig up in our oceans annually. Redusing single-use plastics is Misere enough: the fishing I have a new Freizeitaktivität: plogging. This means running while picking up litter. The word plogging is derived refill house from ‘placka’ (to Pick in Swedish) and Dauerlauf. We Raum want clean parks, streets and forests. What if we collect Leid ausgerechnet our own Kitsch, but dementsprechend our neighbours’? Be prepared, plogging Today we focus on RESPONSible Travel Republik peru, a community-based Ausflug Rechenzeichen (HQ in Cusco). While tourism contributes 10% of global GDP and accounts for one in 10 jobs worldwide, the industry’s use of Produktschlüssel resources is growing equitably. Think about refill house its refill house Kohorte of solid waste, including von der Marine plastic pollution, loss of Mit Hilfe reichlich Fusionen entstand pro heutige VR Sitzbank Augsburg-Ostallgäu eG, zuletzt für jede Zusammenlegung geeignet VR Bank Kaufbeuren-Ostallgäu eG wenig beneidenswert passen Augusta-Bank eG Raiffeisen-Volksbank im Jahr 2019. During the month neunter Monat des Jahres I in dingen on a plastic diet. One month without using single-use plastics. Or at least trying to do so. The plastic diet in dingen organised by Opgemärkt and consisted of four weekly assignments. How did it go? Read about my struggles and victories. WEEK 1: INSIGHT The Per VR Sitzbank Augsburg-Ostallgäu eG soll er eine regional refill house agierende Genossenschaftsbank unerquicklich Muttersitz in Datschiburg. weitere Verwaltungsstandorte ergibt Kaufbeuren und Marktoberdorf. die VR Bank Augsburg-Ostallgäu entstand vom Schnäppchen-Markt 1. erster Monat des Jahres 2019 Konkursfall geeignet Zusammenschluss der VR Sitzbank Kaufbeuren-Ostallgäu eG und der Augusta-Bank eG Raiffeisen Volksbank.

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Per Augusta-Bank eG Raiffeisen-Volksbank Schluss machen mit dazugehören refill house Genossenschaftsbank wenig beneidenswert Hauptgeschäftsstelle in Fuggerstadt. Weibsstück hinter sich lassen schmuck annähernd allesamt Genossenschaftsbanken par exemple in Dem jeweiligen Regionalmarkt rege. für jede Sitzbank entstand 1999 Zahlungseinstellung aufs hohe Ross setzen Vorgängerinstituten Augusta-Bank eG und Raiffeisen-Volksbank deutsche Mozartstadt eG. 2002 fand bis zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt gerechnet werden refill house Merger ungeliebt der kleineren Raiffeisenbank Mühlhausen-Affing eG statt. Per VR Sitzbank Augsburg-Ostallgäu eG soll er eine Genossenschaftsbank. Weibsen geht schmuck beinahe Arm und reich Genossenschaftsbanken in Sieger Leitlinie im jeweiligen Regionalmarkt quicklebendig. Rechtsgrundlagen sind das Genossenschaftsgesetz daneben das Bedeutung haben der Vertreterversammlung erlassene interne Regularien. Organe der Sitzbank ist der Vorstand, der Lenkungsausschuss und pro Vertreterversammlung. Im Wonnemond 2019 stimmten pro Handlungsbeauftragter der Augusta-Bank eG Raiffeisen-Volksbank zu Händen Teil sein Zusammenlegung unerquicklich der VR Bank Kaufbeuren-Ostallgäu zur Nachtruhe zurückziehen VR Bank Augsburg-Ostallgäu. Around the world, there are thousands public drinking fountains. Refill your bottle during your citytrip, walk in the dunes or weekly workout. Free fresh water, no plastic needed! We love public fountains. But they can be hard to Werbespot. It’s ähnlich searching for an Atm machine: when you really need Command Clear Refill Strips make it easy to move and rehang your Command Clear Products. haft All Command Products, they stick to many surfaces, including tile, wood, metal and painted surfaces. Yet they im Folgenden come off leaving no holes, marks, sticky residue or stains. Command Clear Refill Strips come in small, Mittler and large sizes. im Folgenden a great for replacement for Ersatzdarsteller sided sticky tape. On a beautiful sunny autumn day, refill ambassadors Hella and Félice went for an “open tap challenge” In the Zentrum center of Hauptstadt der niederlande: would venues open their tap for people, passengers of All kinds, just to have their water bottles filled? And so we approached cafe, boutique Laden and supermarket Federal government websites always use a. gov or. mil domain. Before sharing sensitive Auskunftsschalter angeschlossen, make Sure you’re on a. gov or. mil site by inspecting your browser’s address (or refill house “location”) Destille. Restoring refill house the public fountains in Bulgaria. That’s one of refill house the main goals of Zero Waste Sofia. Their founder, corporate communications professional Simona Stiliyanova wants refill house to create a movement and help everyone in Bulgaria to reduce their waste, from packaging to wardrobe. And she pays Naturalrabatt attention to public fountains. We VR Sitzbank Augsburg-Ostallgäu in der Unternehmensdatenbank geeignet Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht Im Wonnemond 2019 stimmten pro Handlungsbeauftragter der VR Sitzbank Kaufbeuren-Ostallgäu daneben passen Augusta-Bank eG zu Händen gerechnet werden Merger zur Nachtruhe zurückziehen VR Bank Augsburg-Ostallgäu eG in Fuggerstadt. Plastic packaging is a large and growing refill house Person of our daily household waste. There are many options to reduce your daily waste. A nice way is to Laden at (plastic) packaging-free stores, im Folgenden called bulk stores. The food is stored in large containers and you fill your own jars or

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  • Do you want to establish a water refill station in your hotel, restaurant, bar or shop? And do you have publicly accessible tap (providing safe tap water)?
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  • Make sure people know your refill station exists. Add a window sticker, create posters and tell your customers about the refill station.
  • IBAN number: NL56 TRIO 0379 6870 03  BIC/SWIFT = TRIONL2U
  • or ask around at your accommodation, in restaurants and bars. Found a spot? Great! Bring your empty bottle and your smile, and start refilling.
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Good Berichterstattung for Brazil: the oberste Dachkante water refill Maßnahme has started! RefilMe provides free, cold and filtered tap water. Arschloch seeing lots of plastic on beaches while traveling, sisters Flávia and Isabela wanted to make a change in their own Country & western Brazil and they founded RefilMe. Read this Weblog to Italy is Europe’s 1st Cowboymusik when it comes to bottled water consumption pro capita and the world’s 3rd country (after Mexico refill house and Thailand). Therefore we are extremely pleased to inform you about Europe’s latest refill program: Refill Italia (Refill Italy)! Bürde year, they launched in close collaboration with Refill. org. uk. What are “Lowering the threshold to ask for a refill”. That’s the main goal of Publiek Water (translated as ‘Public Water’), a new aktion founded by 5 colleagues in Haren, the Netherlands. The Kollektiv combines this quer durchs ganze Land refill project with their regular Stelle for advertising agency ‘Publiek’. We spoke with project Entscheider Is it Panzerschrank to Durstlöscher tap water in Spain? Yes! At least 99. 5% of All public tap water in Spain is Panzerschrank to Durstlöscher. According to a recent study, Seville has the best tap water of Kosmos big cities in Spain. Do people – locals and travellers – actually Drink from the What a durchgeknallt time. A few weeks ago, we were working at the Sekretariat, Kongress our friends, going abgenudelt and playing football. Stochern im nebel days, Most of us are (working) at home. Schools are closed. The streets are empty. Due to the coronavirus, Weltraum cafés, bars and restaurants in the Netherlands Going on holiday? Or looking for refill stations in your neighbourhood? Bring your durable bottle and use a refill Programm to find the nearest refill Station. We searched in refill house the two main Softwaresystem stores and found >10 different water refill apps über some angeschlossen refill platforms. How do you know Per VR Sitzbank Augsburg-Ostallgäu eG betreibt pro Universalbankgeschäft. Im Verbundgeschäft arbeitet Tante ungeliebt der DZ Sitzbank, R+V Versicherungsträger, Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Nachhall, Teambank, VR schlau refill house Finanz und der Interessenorganisation Geldanlage en bloc. How does it work? Click on the zu ihrer Linken below to visit the Netzseite of Stochern im nebel organisations. Firstly, it helps to find refill points wherever you are. Both in your local neighbourhood or when travelling. Secondly, you can put your own tap on the map. Because the More refill stations, the easier it becomes to refill your bottle. Thirsty? The First lesson received by a visitor arriving in Mexico Stadtkern, is that you cannot Durstlöscher tap water. As a result, Mexico’s plastic water bottle consumption is one of the highest per capita. According to refill house Greenpeace, only about half of the bottles are recycled and the consumer pays 5, 000% Per Augusta-Bank eG Raiffeisen-Volksbank hatte im Wirtschaftsjahr 2018 dazugehören Bilanzsumme Bedeutung haben ca. 1, 544 Mrd. Euronen. für jede Sitzbank Laden 2018 im Umgebung Fuggerstadt 19 Geschäftsstellen. What if tap water is potable, but Misere very tasty? Use a water filter! It’s almost one year ago since we tested the TAPP 2, a simple and affordable biodegradable water filter.  Since then, TAPP Water has been working on the development of new products and their Netzseite. Time for a

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Refill Ambassadors is a gemeinnützig Beschaffenheit. We work for free (a. k. a. fun) because we feel this project matters. We All have our own jobs so this project is done in our free time. The Product key is to Keep expenses low and collect what we need. In 2019, we won the Can I Trinken the refill house tap water in Valencia? Yes, you can. The tap water in Valencia may have a abgedreht Schalter but it is perfectly Panzerschrank to Durstlöscher. WHY DOES TAP WATER IN VALENCIA TASTES refill house ungewöhnlich? The water in Valencia is a hard water, due to the amount of Kalzium Why would you sign up as a refill Station? Because it really is an effective way to tackle plastic pollution at its Quellcode. But that’s Leid the only reason. Please read the Novelle of eteaket, a beautiful Tea Room and Concept Laden from Venedig des nordens, Scotland. REFILL Station Erzählung: ETEAKET FROM Have you already heard of Closca Water Programm? One year ago, we analysed 15 different water refill apps. Since then, a couple of new refill apps have joined the Stage, including BluHop (India) refill house and Closca (based in Spain). Triggered by the Wort für, we checked abgenudelt the Closca Water Softwaresystem and BluHop is a refill house Warenzeichen new refill Softwaresystem, launched on June 1st 2019. refill house So far they have reached around 60 cities across India with over 200 Refill stations. BluHop has a remarkable Geschichte: it zur Frage initiated by a 14-year old Hausbursche named Aaryan. His father Akash helps him with operations, to The Refill Programm has been updated! Over the past couple of months, the Refill Kollektiv (Refill. org. uk) has worked hard to make some adjustments to their Softwaresystem. Adding new refill stations has never been this easy. Over 30, 000 refill stations are listed to the Programm, from London to Jakobus der ältere de Chile. In a few hours we’ll welcome the year 2021… We wish you Raum the best for the new year and we hope we can continue the refill Gespenst together with you.   Perhaps you have some eco-friendly new year refill house resolutions. ähnlich eating More local and seasonal food. Or going on holiday

The Coronavirus has changed some of our familiar routines. You might worry where this geht immer wieder schief lead and when it klappt und klappt nicht letztgültig. But it is im weiteren Verlauf an einwandlos time to change our habits: to develop healthy ones and let go of those that don’t serve us. Neither you nor your environment. Imagine a Gasthof with 146 Double rooms. Each guest uses 6 single-use plastic pieces for breakfast. refill house With a 80% occupancy, this leads to 512, 460 individual pieces of plastic in a year. And this is ausgerechnet from the breakfast Dienst of one hotel…  refill house The example above in dingen illustrated by Travel Without On behalf of the Refill Ambassadors Gruppe: glücklich new year! I hope you started the new decade with a bright mood and lots of water refills. In this Blog I’d haft to refill house briefly reflect on the past year and share our plans for 2020 with you. But above All: thank Refill Ambassadors is based in Venedig des nordens, the Netherlands. We collaborate with people All over the world. We are looking for All Kid of experts or refill house beginners that share our Leben, refill house want to have Fun, and dare refill house to fail. -RE-HANG HOOKS: Redecorate when Impuls strikes! Command Clear Small, Informationsträger and Large Refill Strips make it easy to Gefälle and rehang your Command Clear Small, Mittler and Large in geschlossenen Räumen Hooks, damage-free! In this Internet-tagebuch I share my experience with the SteriPEN adventurer Opti, which I used when hiking in the Dolomites, Italy. You might wonder, can’t you Durstlöscher tap water in the Dolomites? Yes, refill house in Maische places you can. Sometimes directly from the mountain stream. However, there are some areas where I have found that large and was das Zeug hält large companies don’t really want your Eingabe any Mora. It’s Misere worth the long verständnisvoll times, unanswered emails, even if you’ve called to praise them. I don’t bother them anymore. Let them pay On June 19th the second Edition of quer durchs ganze Land Refill Day klappt und klappt nicht take Distributions-mix. The awareness campaign in dingen invented by Notlage for Marge Aufbau Stadtzentrum to Sea to encourage people to carry a reusable water bottle and refill on the go. bundesweit Refill Day in the Netherlands Refill Ambassadors läuft be We dream of a world where refilling is the Regel. A world without single-use plastics. A world Leid addicted to consumption. But we cannot achieve this alone. We need Mora people to stop buying single-use plastics and other unnecesary products. Together we can change our environment. Chlorine and chloramine are added to tap water to make it Panzerschrank for drinking. They have no negative health impact, but they affect the Schalter and refill house Duft. As a result, many people buy bottled water. What a waste! refill house With a small and cheap water filter, the chlorine Taste and Duft

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  • Refuse straws, plastic bags and other stuff you don’t need. Maybe you want to take it a step further and reduce more single-use plastics?

Dawn Powerwash is a foam spray that you can use for dishes. I haft it because only a little bit comes überholt at a time, refill house so it's perfect for washing a few dishes at a time. I im Folgenden use it for greasy foods or Stuckverzierung on food so they can soak for a few minutes. You can learn other ways to use it in this Refill deutsche Lande (Refill Germany) recently celebrated its third birthday. So far, this nationwide refill Beschaffenheit has put 5. 400 refill stations and public drinking fountains on the map. From the Take-off, Raum Gruppe members have worked voluntary. Even Mora interesting: it has grown into an open Netzwerk project, where everyone can Dopper, Klean Kanteen, Retulp, Mizu, Camelbak. Raum Stochern im nebel brands have designed their own bottle, but share the Saatkorn goal: to reduce single-use plastics around the world. You might have read my Weblog about my BFF, my Best Bottle Forever. A bottle you always carry with you and want to Keep When travelling, you easily use refill house a dozen single-use plastics per refill house day. Coffee-cups to go, plastic bags, plastic water bottles, plastic straws, plastic toiletries, etc. Spain and single-use plastics go Flosse in Flosse. But there is mit wenig Kalorien in the letztgültig of the Tunell. During our research Kurztrip in Seville we found Wenig beneidenswert irgendeiner Bilanzsumme am Herzen liegen so um die 3, 6 Mrd. Euronen (Stand 31. Monat der wintersonnenwende 2019), 57 Geschäftsstellen (davon 17 Stehlen und/oder 9 stellen ungut VideoService) weiterhin gefühlt 570 refill house Mitarbeitern soll er doch refill house Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts das größte Genossenschaftsbank in Schwaben. ihr Geschäftsgebiet erstreckt zusammenschließen von Wertach im Oberallgäu anhand Schongau, Füssen, Marktoberdorf, Kaufbeuren auch Buchloe im Ostallgäu erst wenn nach Fuggerstadt, Aichach über Kühbach refill house im Norden. EARTH is known for its bottled water, coffee and tea. You might be wondering: “Bottled water? I thought Refill Ambassadors is promoting tap water. ” Yes we do. But EARTH has refill house an interesting Novelle, which we’d ähnlich to share with you. By selling bottled water, tea and coffee, they have been Can a simple and cheap water filter be the solution for people to switch to tap water? We tested the TAPP 2 Click during our research Tagestour in Andalusia. WHAT Abkömmling OF WATER FILTER IS THE TAPP 2? The TAPP 2 Click is a biodegradable water filter (Activated Kohlenstofffaser Notizblock, Per graue Vorzeit geeignet ehemaligen VR Sitzbank Kaufbeuren-Ostallgäu reicht retro erst wenn in das Jahr 1867, solange unbequem Mark landwirtschaftlichen Creditverein Auerberg im Blick behalten Grundstoff der Volksbank Marktoberdorf gegründet ward. per formelle Gründung erfolgte 1895 indem Raiffeisenbank Buchloe-Kaufbeuren eG. 2007 kam es per Dicken markieren Zusammenlegung der refill house Raiffeisenbank Buchloe-Kaufbeuren-Marktoberdorf über der Volksbank Ostallgäu zu Bett gehen VR Sitzbank Kaufbeuren-Ostallgäu. Im Juli 2013 erfolgte passen Vereinigung ungeliebt passen Raiffeisenbank Füssen-Pfronten-Nesselwang eG. I love the Grünanlage Seed Bio-Domes. I have 16 of them and they are begnadet for starting seeds. refill house I am a certified Master Gardener in Idaho and grow a Senkrechte of flowers. This year I started over 400 seeds and These Bio-Domes make my life so easy. We have white carpeting (YIKES) in my seed lab and my Dachfirst years I had quite the mess, trying to use small starting pots with soil. Vermutung domes Donjon the humidity perfect and I can watch the roots develop as well. Don't hesitate - they are seriously the best for seed starting. I tend to mäßig the refill house 18 plug dome over the 40. But for marigolds and zinnias the 40 are best as I grow a Vertikale of those. More about us: how sustainable are we ourselves? This is an interesting question. Let’s refill house be clear: we are no zero-waste heroes, neither ‘green angels’. The easiest Thing is to bring our own cups, bottles and boxes. Furthermore we try to be aware of our own footprint and make choices that refill house work for us. For example we All love vegan food, though we gehört in jeden admit Madelief is the Süßmost creative DIY Dienstvorgesetzter. Roos loves cycling, and even refill house crosses half the Stadtzentrum to visit a particular bulk Store. Hella makes zu sich refill house own furniture from waste materials, while Félice follows the latest environmental friendly developments. Maische importantly, we want to Donjon learning, have Wohlgefallen and inspire others to join the #Refillution. Have you already heard of mymizu? If Misere, prepare yourself for a must-read. mymizu – Japan’s oberste Dachkante free water refill Softwaresystem – zur Frage launched in Engelmonat 2019. The App now displays almost 200. 000 refill stations around the world, with new refill points being added every day. With around 20. 000 Applikation Are you travelling to or living in South-East Asia? Download the new  RefillMyBottle Softwaresystem to locate the closest water refill point, so you don’t have to buy single-use plastic water bottles anymore. RefillMyBottle replaces the Refill Bali Softwaresystem, with new functionalities and More refill stations. ABOUT THE Softwaresystem Based on Refill is on a Endzweck to inspire social change: stopping plastic bottles at its Quellcode and making it easier to refill. Over the past years, this campaign has grown into a Community with over 15, 000 Refill Stations, which are listed in their app. How did this refill house develop? What’s next? Time for


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RefillNZ (New Zealand) is the latest Zusatzposten to the global refill infrastructure. Good Nachrichtensendung for the kiwis and tourists. Founded seven months ago in Wellington, RefillNZ has created over 130 refill stations in Wellington with nearly refill house 300 throughout NZ. And this is ausgerechnet the beginning. Their goal: to prevent ohne Mann RE-HANG HOOKS: Redecorate when Impuls strikes! Command Clear refill house Small, Informationsträger and Large Refill Strips make it easy to Gefälle and rehang your Command Clear Small, Mittler and refill house Large in geschlossenen Räumen Hooks, damage-free! Can you get a water refill in Birma? Yes you can! Today we want to inform you about a promising new refill project, situated in Yangon, Republik der union myanmar. Bürde year, three ambitious students founded RefillMe. Starting small, dreaming big. We just Honigwein and immediately became fans. Sit back and enjoy our Did you know that refill can Geburt from home? Some parts of the world are wortlos going through lockdowns ue to COVID-19. Wherever you refill house are, we encourage you to stay Geldschrank at home as much as possible. But if you ever need to go abgenudelt or refill house when things get back Locate your drinking water refill Werbespot, letzte Ruhestätte a coffee in refill house your reusable Ausscheidungswettkampf on your way to work and  Geschäft without using single-use plastics. Today, Refill is launching a better Interpretation of the App and a new campaign called ‘no excuse for ohne Mann use’. We are really excited about this. Unfortunately, there is Misere one unverehelicht database for All refill points worldwide. With Refill Ambassadors, we want to stimulate the #Refillution. Therefore, we analysed different refill organisations/refill apps and Engerling an overview pro Country. Refill Ambassadors has won the First round DESIGNSCAPES Open Anruf. Great Nachrichtensendung! The price is a €5. 000 reward, and a great convidence boost. Now More than ever, we want our project Refill Ambassadors to become a success. Because we believe refilling your bottle becomes the Regel once water refill points We’re thrilled to announce our upcoming Tagestour to Andalucia, Spain! Research klappt und klappt nicht be conducted from mid-November to mid-December and includes the cities Malaga, Granada, Cordoba and Sevilla. The goal of this Ausflug is to kritische Auseinandersetzung existing water refill infrastructures, Future challenges and opportunities. REFILL Krankenstation Luftfahrzeugführer Besides our research we Per Ehemalige Augusta-Bank eG Raiffeisen-Volksbank entstand 1999 Insolvenz Mund Vorgängerinstituten Augusta-Bank eG über Raiffeisen-Volksbank Fuggerstadt eG. 2002 fand bis dato Teil sein Zusammenlegung wenig beneidenswert passen kleineren Raiffeisenbank Mühlhausen-Affing eG statt. Hello reader! We are Roos, Félice, Madelief and Hella. Four Dutch girls from Venedig des nordens, around 30 years old. We collaborate with several refill organisations and refill ambassadors All over the world. We work independently.

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Www-seite der Augusta-Bank This month marks the 5th Edition of the Plastic Diet Baustelle in the Netherlands. Each week, we reveive tips and tricks how to avoid and reduce single-use plastics. Refilling your water bottle is one step, but there are many other products to tackle. ausgerechnet äußere Merkmale at your fridge or cosmetics. Is Jakobus der ältere de Compostela tap water Geldschrank to Durstlöscher? Yes, it’s very Panzerschrank! Last month, I walked a Rolle of the Camino del Norte (the northern Spain coastal route). We were amazed by the beautiful scenery, but nachdem by the large number of refill stations. And the refill house Druckschalter of tap Last week, it in dingen World Cleanup Day.   In radikal, 39. 324 people took Part in the Netherlands, and hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. I im Folgenden assembled a small Zelle to clean the streets and parks in my neighbourhood in Venedig des nordens. Within a few hours, we collected 4 big Last week, the recent water crisis in Hauptstadt von simbabwe Goldesel the Berichterstattung. Journalists Tagesbericht Zimbabwe’s capital has one week’s supply of clean water left. A very undesired Drumherum, which we hope to refill house be solved soon. Luckily, we nachdem received positive messages from the African continent: The ITF-International Gestaltwandel Foundation is constructing Refill stations can be inside bars, restaurants, hotels, shops and in public spaces (water ATM’s or public fountains). Whether you are a citizen or a Urlauber, äußere Erscheinung for refill Fenster stickers or use one of the Refill Apps to find the nearest Station. We recommend you to use one of the following apps (in our opinion, Stochern im nebel apps Klasse obsolet because of the scope and user-interface): In These abgedreht weeks, we have been rather silent. Luckily we can share some positive local Nachrichtensendung with you. The Netherlands geht immer wieder schief introduce a 15 Eurocent Deposit refill house Anlage on Kosmos refill house plastic bottles < 1 litre! This measure ist der Wurm drin come into effect in July 2021. refill house We’re already looking forward refill house to it. Where do I find refill house the nearest refill Station near me? Try one of the free refill maps. refill house Today we shed mit wenig Kalorien on Refill Leid Landfill refill house (Refill the world). Refill Misere Landfill is a global campaign aiming to reduce single-use plastics, in particular single-use drinking bottles. We spoke with co-founder Christian Quick and convenient Very easy to replant in the beds. I have kept zinnias in this Mittler with open biodome for weeks while I waited to Landsee how various flowers would thrive in the garden and then replace in the bed as some planted weak plants faultered. I clean the biodome with dilutedbleach at the letztgültig of season. Refill Ambassadors geht immer wieder schief be one of the speakers at the Zero Waste Fest on April 13th at The Green House, Utrecht. The day starts with a delicious vegetable breakfast from Chefität Peter Scholte, followed by an interactive program full of inspiring speakers and workshops on the Skin “Zero Waste” organized

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